816 28th Avenue, Suite 100 
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701 
Phone: (907) 452-7325 
Fax: (907) 452-6717 
Email: lisa@nsctraining.com 




Classroom Rental

You can rent our classroom and bring your own instructor!

Classroom (max 8) Minimum Daily (8am-5pm)
5 days

Price above includes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water, and snacks - free of charge. We require a 10 working day cancellation notice or you will be billed in full for the rental. Any prior costs for rental setup that have already been incurred and cannot be cancelled will be billed in full.


You can rent our classroom with an instructor!

Classroom (max 7) 3 hour class 10% Discount
6 hour class 15% Discount
  9 hour class 20% Discount $2,050
  12 hour class 20% Discount $2,685
  15 hour class 25% Discount $3,240

Example:  You schedule a Computer Basics Class for 7 students on Oct 1&2 from 8:30-11:30.  Your cost would be $1,460 regardless of actual attendance.


Equipment Rental  Click here for a complete listing that includes pricing

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